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        State Power Economic Research Institute (SPERI) which is directly managed by State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) is a research organization, and constructs economic research system to guide the service of economic research institutes in provinces and cities. Its main service includes grid planning, engineering design, project review, technological economics and research & standardization. SPERI has a professional team, including the national candidates of the ‘New Century National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project’, specialists who have been receiving special government allowance from the State Council, technological leading talent and outstanding experts in SGCC, etc. SPERI builds several national or company-level laboratories, such as the platforms for the research of grid planning and the review of project design, the technological economics laboratory of grid project, the national energy UHV DC transmission project design research and development (experiment) center, etc.

      In recent years, around the front and forward-looking technology researches on UHV DC system, the security of large-scale power grid, VSC-HVDC, new intelligent substation and so on, SPERI undertakes national or company-level major scientific research projects, compiles industry standards and national standards for the planning and design of the core business, and promotes UHV, smart grid and other advanced technologies into international standards.
      Facing the future, the development goal of SPERI is to be an international top-ranking institute for power planning and UHV project design, lead the development direction of modern distribution network and establish the leading position in the field of power project consulting.
      China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI), established in 1951, is a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive research institution in China’s electric power sector as well as a subsidiary research institute of the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), which is mainly engaged in EHV/UHV AC/DC transmission technology, power grid planning analysis and safety control technology, power transmission project design and construction technology, power distribution utilization technology, new energy, new materials, power electronics, information and communication technology, energy efficiency evaluation, energy saving technology, etc.
      CEPRI has SGCC’s key labs including UHV AC test base, UHV DC test base, high-altitude test base in Tibet, UHV transmission line pole and tower test base, national grid simulation center and measurement center; constructs experimental study system for UHV large power grid; and plays a major role in the safe, stable, economical operation of large power grid, UHV AC/DC transmission, etc. CEPRI has built the national energy large-scale wind power integration R&D (experimental) center and national energy solar R&D (experimental) center, with the improved detection capability for wind power and solar power test. After building the international first-class power electronics laboratory, CEPRI has the test capability for high-voltage and high-power thyristor valve in series and DC converter valve.
       CEPRI developed a series of key technology in UHV, large power grid, smart grid and other fields; obtained a number of original achievement in a leading position of the world through UHV AC/DC transmission key technology research and demonstration project construction; built the first set of million-node-level full digital real-time simulation device for power system in the world; realized the independent innovation in UHV DC converter valve, DC switch, VSC-HVDC key technology; and had a breakthrough in new energy grid connected technology, electric vehicle charging technology and micro grid monitoring technology. CEPRI has been awarded with 77 prizes of National Science and Technology Progress Award (including 8 first-class awards), 3 gold medals of China Patent Award. Additionally, CEPRI has acquired 854 national patents, and published 196 monographs and 3,684academic papers. And CEPRI has been awarded first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in succession from 2007 to 2010.

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