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  • Non-intrusive Load Monitoring Method Based on PCA-ILP Considering Multi-feature Objective Function

    Non-intrusive load monitoring (NILM) acquires power consumption information in low cost. It can realize household load recognition and decomposition without affecting the normal power consumption. The installation of smart meters also provides data and technical support for NILM. Firstly, by researching power characteristics, current waveforms and harmonic characteristics of common household appli...

  • Robust Optimal Scheduling of Mobile Emergency Power Sources Considering Uncertainties

    Establishing an electric power emergency response mechanism is of great significance for improving the emergency support capability of a power system. Efficiently dispatching mobile emergency power sources in the event of a power outage is an important part of the emergency response, and can reduce the losses caused by the power outage. There are some uncertain factors associated with a power outa...

  • Optimal Dispatching Strategy of Regional Integrated Energy System Considering Virtual Energy Storage System

    Transferring loads across time periods, energy storage device plays an important role in the economic and stable operation of multi-energy system. But construction cost of energy storage device is high, which makes it difficult to apply energy storage device on a large scale. From the perspective of electric energy and heat energy, this paper proposes an optimal scheduling strategy for regional in...

  • An Organic Rankine Cycle Based Decentralized Transaction Mechanism for Multiple Kinds of Energy

    The development of distributed renewable energy generation could make an electricity user act as an electric power provider as well, i.e. the so-called prosumer. A prosumer can benefit through energy trading. Apart from electricity, natural gas and heat are also widely used as major energy resources in the demand side. With the fast development and commercialization of energy conversion technologi...

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